Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday Parties

When its birthdays ,we open our presents.

We give home made presents as well as bought ones.

Instead of lunch, we have party bags.

The lollies are sour snakes ,Chocolate honeycombs, Jelly-Snakes ,Maltesers and other lollies .We choose a cake. The birthday child doesn't have to do jobs

.That's all we have to say goodbye!!!
God Bless

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Star Wars Poll!

We are very big Star Wars fans in our house.
We all have our favourite movies.
We often dress up and play Jedi and have Jedi Councils.

WE have started a poll on our side bar and would like you to answer the questions.☺ ☺

Which is your favorite Star Wars Movie?
Is it:
The Phantom Menace,
Attack of the Clones,
Revenge of the Sith,
A New Hope,
The Empire Strikes Back or
Return of the Jedi

God Bless

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Eden!

Dear Eden,

Happy 14th Birthday

We hope

you have a great day
Love Rogan and Vellvin and Corbyn
and Myffwyn and Moran xoxoxo
God Bless

Friday, July 17, 2009

Indian craft things to make

We made some Indian headdresses. Vellvin and Rogan made them.
This is how we did it. We got some green felt and we measured our heads, and Corbyn and Myffwyn and Moran's heads
then we did cut the felt which we had measured and got the glue gun.

And then we got some feathers and we glued the feathers on. And then we did sewed them up. Then we put them on.
And we made Indian names up. Vellvin's name is "Swimming Beaver", Rogan's name is "Flying Crow", Moran's name is "Rainbow Deer", Myffwyn's name is "Blooming Posy", and Corbyn's name is "Little Bear".
Then this morning Rogan and Vellvin made two Indian talking sticks. We made them out of wood, and then we got some little bells and feathers and bits of felt and a shell (which Rogan had put on his). Then we glued the things on. So, we now have two things made for our Indian unit study.
God Bless

Sunday, July 12, 2009

books we have made

The Rabbits and the Robber by Vellvin
The Mermaids meal by Rogan
Death to the pirates by Vellvin
The Freky pirates by Rogan
The family at Easter by Vellvin
The Robins by Rogan
The Grand prize by Vellvin and Rogan
The Cats and the rats by Rogan
A Camp with frendis by Vellvin and Rogan
The freky pirates 2 invade on china by Rogan
The Best christmass ever by Vellvin

A Happy birthday to three little dogies by Vellvin
My ABC book by Vellvin
The Lumpyes by Rogan
The Chickans eggs by Rogan
The Chickans eggs 2 escape from jail

The Chickans eggs 3 the banishd Roster by Rogan

God Bless

Movie Review- Eragon

How they ruined Eragon.
We do own the Eragon books and we have watched the movie and we think that theydid ruined it. Here are some things which they did wrong.
They had Saphira tell Eragon her name but Eragon is supposed to name her. Roran is going to go away because he wants to marry, not because he does not want to go in the army. Whan Eragon flies with Sahira you see three Raz-ac but in the book only their are only two. In Teirm they do not go to Jeod in the book they do. They do not go to Dras-Leona in the movie and they do not get caught by the Raz-ac. In the movie Murtaugh does not rescue them, all of that was kicked out. In the movie Brom is not killed by the Raz-ac in the movie he gets killed by a shade.

In the book, when Eragon fights Durza in Farthen Dur, they do not fly, in the book they fight in Trojhime.
In the battle of farthen Dur in the movie, Galbatorix's soldiers are not meant to come, only the Kull. The sword Brom gives Eragon, Zar'roc-, in the book it is red NOT blue as in the movie. When Eragon goes to Gil'ead he, is meant to be meeting a man called Dornad not to rescue Ariya and Brom is already dead. Eragon does not find out Ariya is a princess till the 2nd book, which is after the battle and not in the movie. In the book Saphira breaks the Dwarves jewel Isidar Mithrin.

In our opinion all these things make the movie very different from the book and makes the movie not as good.
God Bless

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Bithday Autumn

Dear Autumn,
Happy 16th Birthday.
We hope you have a great day. WE hope you love your presents.

Love the Courtly Crew.

ttfn, tata for now

xo xo xo xo x o xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo
God Bless

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kung fu fighting

Kung -Fu fighting is a game which Rogan me Moran Myffwyn and Corbyn all made up. It is a game which we play on the trampoline.
What it is is us doing things like flips, somersaults, going up high, and kicking hands and legs, hand stand, with kicking in the air doing hands and legs. And ending in a meditating position, jumping down with legs crossed.
There is another way to meditate, lying down and putting legs up for kicking. Pretending to do things to an imaginary person. Going on knees and kicking up and hitting, going on all fours and rolling to trip someone.We made it up from of Kung- Fu panda .
God Bless