Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've Watched It!!!!

I've now watched  Lord of the rings!!!
They are soooooooooo awesome. I Love Merry and Pippin, they are so funny .
I also Love Sam, he is so devoted to Frodo and he is very nice .
I don't really Like Frodo even though he is the main character.  I don't really have a reason for it, I just don't like him.
Out of all the girl characters  I like Eowyn the best, because she is so nice to Merry.  She seems like she would be a fun person  to be around. She is  not like Arwen where there are  a lot of her scenes where she and Aragorn are kissing . Yucky!. And she is not as boring as Galadriel is. Galadriel is  just so serious.
I don't like Aragorn,  yes he becomes king and yes he has the army of the dead; but he is not that great
 and he loves Arwen but he is s very happy to get all smoochy with Eowyn.

I sort of like Legolas, I guess its because I really like elves and I may have thought I would like him .

Gimlis just to 'raaaa' for me and so grufly spoken .
I like dwarves but he's just as I said .
I dont realy like Gandalf  I prefer hime to some of the other characters   but I'm not that big on him.
Smegal is funny and a bit feather brained, but whan he's Gollam he is scary. His spine stikes out a mile and he has big bug eyes.
When he is Smegal he's sort of like a dog to Frodo ☺

Anyway I  know there are more characters that I'm not going to write about :P

Surprisingly Shelob wasn't very scary like I thought she wold be. Maybe It's because I've heard exaggerations from my older siblings.

 I think the scariest part is when Bilbo wants the ring back because he starts to loook like Gollum, scary I know.
Sam is probably my favorite character ☺
And Lerts isn't as main as I thought he wold be.
Also Frodo doesn't  destroy the ring like  thought he did :( Gollum actually does!

God Bless


Vellvin said...

Frodo is AWESOME!!!
Aragorn is stupid.....Legolas is cool when he fights but Aragorn seriously!!!!! :P

Rogan said...

Yes Aragorn's so not awesome