Sunday, September 22, 2013

JRR,Tolkien would be proud.

OK. so today was Bilbo's birthday!

so I'm going to say, Happy Birthday  Bilbo! (Oh and fuss-pot Frodo)
right so a couple of days ago I found out it was Bilbo's birthday soon, so a day or two after that we wrote down a list of what we were going to do, so hear is what we did.
I took this pic my self,really proud of it
A few days ago Mum bought some solar lights that look really pretty, and when we put them up I said it looked like the Shire party scene, and said we should do the birthday there.
So Mum got some more solar lights we put those up, A banner, some fire torch thingies, a lantern, lit the drum but that burned down pretty fast, and last but not least food!
some Hobbits
We had baked potato's and baked sweat potato's, mushrooms, cheese and crackers, olives,dry tomato,stuffed peepers,gherkins,scones for lunch, and a three layer cake! So just a simple hobbit dinner.
We played elvish archery with the eye off Sauron for a target.
We played Sauron spot light AKA German spotlight witch is people have got to move around in the dark and someone walks around with the torch/spotlight and shine it on whatever's moving, and if they are still moving and the torch is on them there found.
le cake
And some of us played bashing each other up on the swings So happy Birthday Bilbo and goodnight.
Oh and Frodo :D

Just to be nice, because I don't like Frodo

God Bless,


Vellvin said...

Was great! And we got chocolate cake! :D

Love Vellvin.

Gae said...

You make an excellent Hobbit
Great post love the pictures :)