Friday, October 3, 2014

I breed Rabbits.

For my birthday I got four Rabbits to breed and its really fun I named them all after period drama films or TV shows except my boy who has Felix as in letters from Felix and Felix king from Road to Avonlea and then his second and third names are Jasper Dale so there you go.

They have had three litters of kits already that's what baby Rabbits are called, I sell them all for $40 each although for most of the last two litters I had to sell to a pet store for $15.
One of the mothers (Josie Pie) stopped feeding her Kits so we had to force her and now Miss Lane is  doing the same, silly Rabbits.
They are Dwarf Lops and believe me they don't look it, they are big but they are like dwarfs in the fact that they are grumpy (well most of them I don't handle them enough.)
Its so fun that I can name some colour or at least guess, and know stuff about them that I can tell people like they cant eat lettuce its bad for them and to many carrots make rabbits blood sugar high

I generally feed them pellets and grass and prickles or stuff from the garden or other places such as the fridge :) any way goodbye for now and I hope you enjoyed

God Bless,


Gae said...

Dear Rogan,
Love seeing this post and I love that you have a new hobby.

Vellvin said...

Bunnies are cute! Until you have to feed them because their Mother isn't. :P
And I also liked the cut you gave me from selling your rabbits. :)

isaacbenjamin said...

Hey. I just found your blog and I think it is neat. Im going to follow it. Just and idea, you might want to change the color of your text because it is really hard to read against the brown background. (P.S. I like bunnies.)